Welcome to Conservacion Patagonica’s Blog

Hello, friends of the future Patagonia National Park!

Here in the Chacabuco Valley in Chilean Patagonia, we’re hard at work building the future Patagonia National Park, which will be a 650,000-acre expanse of grasslands, mountains, wetlands, and forests in one of the world’s most beautiful places.  We’re protecting land, restoring ecosystems, working to recover endangered species, building trails and campgrounds, developing the park headquarters, and working with local communities.  And much more–creating a new national park work on many fronts.

We’ve started this blog to document the creation of this park and to celebrate the many people–staff, supporters, volunteers, community members, friends–involved in this project.  If you have a story, photos, or videos you’d like to add, send them to nadine.lehner@conservacionpatagonica.org and they may become part of the blog!

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