Breaking Ground on Aysen Center

Yesterday, construction of the Aysen Natural History and Education Center officially started, as the building team took up their shovels and began digging out the foundation area for this building.  A cornerstone of the main park headquarters, the Center will contain permanent interactive exhibits about the region’s flora, fauna, and culture, and the restoration work in the transition from estancia to park.  Another wing of the building will house temporary special exhibits.  Films and slideshows will play in a theater area, which will also serve as a forum for community gatherings and educational events.

We plan for construction to last two to three years.  At the end of that time, we’ll have a fantastic space for hosting park ranger  and guide training programs, celebrations with our neighbors, classes for local schoolchildren.  Visitors to the park will have a chance to enrich their first-hand experience of the area with some in-depth information.  It’s an exciting moment in the park’s development!

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