Miles of Success: Mile for Mile Raises More Than $90,000

Aviles Trail

Patagonia ultrarunners and Mile for Mile stars Jeff Browning, Krissy Moehl, and Luke Nelson joined Kris Tompkins for a tour on the Avilés Trail. Photo: James Q Martin

In March of 2015, Patagonia, Inc. premiered Mile for Mile, a film documenting the story of Patagonia, Inc. ultrarunner ambassadors Krissy Moehl, Luke Nelson, and Jeff Browning, on the first ever 106-mile trail run through the future Patagonia National Park. The film tells the story of their great adventure, of the Patagonia Park project and of the dedicated people that have made this conservation dream a reality.

Alongside filmmaker James Q Martin, Krissy, Luke, and Jeff didn’t just want to run—they wanted to use their talents to contribute to the conservation of this wild place. Creating the film was step 1; step 2 is creating over 50 miles of new trails to better connect the future Patagonia National Park to the local community and visitors. In conjunction with the film’s release, Conservacion Patagonia launched the Mile for Mile campaign to fundraise for trail creation in the park. In support of the campaign, Patagonia, Inc. committed to match every donation for the trails, dollar for dollar, mile for mile.

Krissy , Luke, and Jeff drinking straight from the river along the road to Jenimeni. Photo: James Q Martin

Krissy Moehl, Luke Nelson, and Jeff Browning stop for a drink on the road to Jeinimeni. Photo: James Q Martin

We’re here to say that, with your incredible support, we exceeded our goal and raised $50,000 in donations. With the matching donations from Patagonia, Inc. we will have raised over $90,000, enough funds to create over 50 miles of new trail throughout the future Patagonia National Park.

So, thank you. Thank you for believing in the power of conservation. Thank you for believing in the power of collaboration. With your support, visitors from near and far will now have the opportunity to explore and love the vast beauty and harmony that is wild Patagonia. Love is truly the essence behind our project, because, as Kris Tompkins says in the film, “you will not protect something unless you love it”.

Watch Mile for Mile (14:50) for free online


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