4,000 Acres Added to Patagonia Park

At the end of 2016, Conservacion Patagonica was able to secure five adjacent properties to the future Patagonia National Park, expanding the protected area by 7,588.2 acres (3,075.3 hectares). These new acquisitions were made possible by a generous grant from the Arcadia Fund in early 2016. The acquisition of these particular properties have greatly helped Conservacion Patagonica’s mission to secure all access points to the future national park, as well as preserve critical habitat for endemic species.

Four of the five new acquired properties are located by the El Furioso Plateau, northwest of the former Patagonia Park boundary. These properties contain critical old growth southern beech and lenga forest, which has unfortunately become a target for illegal loggers who are able to access the area through the public road that runs through the property. This is critical habitat for huemul deer, the park’s most threatened species. In total, these properties have added 4,474.2 acres to the park.

The fifth, and largest, new property (3,114 acres) is located right at a major entrance to the Jeinimeni Reserve, making it another vulnerable access point to the future national park. The property hosts a key watershed at the confluence of two tributaries that drain into the Jeinimeni River.

Arcadia, a charitable fund of Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing, supports charities and scholarly institutions that preserve cultural heritage and the environment. Since 2002, Arcadia has awarded more than $440 million to projects around the world. Arcadia has been a generous partner to Tompkins Conservation since 2007, and has supported efforts in multiple aspects of park creation including ecotourism and land acquisition in Chile, as well as land acquisition and conservation efforts in Argentina. Learn more about Arcadia at www.arcadiafund.org.uk.

Property by Furioso


Grasslands will begin to regenerate after years of over grazing near the Furioso Plateau


Bearded moss covers the trunks of lenga beach trees in one of the Furioso properties

Property by the Jeinimeni Reserve

Estancia Jeinimeni -- Flamingo Lagoon

Volunteers take down fences from the former sheep estancia near the Flamingo Lagoon in the Jeinimeni Reserve

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A tributary that winds into an eventual confluence with the Jeinimeni River

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