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4,000 Acres Added to Patagonia Park

At the end of 2016, Conservacion Patagonica was able to secure five adjacent properties to the future Patagonia National Park, expanding the protected area by 7,588.2 acres (3,075.3 hectares). These new acquisitions were made possible by a generous grant from the Arcadia Fund in early 2016. The acquisition of these particular properties have greatly helped […]

Volunteer at the Patagonia Park’s Organic Garden

Surrounded by dry Patagonian steppe and hours from the nearest town, Patagonia Park’s remote location and rugged landscape seems an unlikely place to find cherry tomatoes, kale, and fresh mint. Yet when visitors peak their heads into our greenhouses or sit down at the park restaurant, they are met with a bounty of fresh, local […]

Miles of Success: Mile for Mile Raises More Than $90,000

In March of 2015, Patagonia, Inc. premiered Mile for Mile, a film documenting the story of Patagonia, Inc. ultrarunner ambassadors Krissy Moehl, Luke Nelson, and Jeff Browning, on the first ever 106-mile trail run through the future Patagonia National Park. The film tells the story of their great adventure, of the Patagonia Park project and of the […]

Darwin’s Rhea (Ñandu) Conservation Program Opens at Patagonia Park

The Chacabuco Valley, the heart of Patagonia Park, serves as one of the last safe places for some of Chilean Patagonia’s most threatened species. Best known are the park’s huemul deer, which represent 10% of the world’s entire population. The park’s Darwin’s rhea population (also known as Lesser rhea or ñandú), are yet another reason […]

Patagonia Park Store is Open for Business

In time for the high season, the Patagonia Park store is now up and running.  Alongside a helpful array of field books and guides, the store features crafts from some of the best craftsmen in Chile.  Much care has been put into sourcing these products, which include honey, wool, wooden crafts, tanned hides, horsehair handcrafts, […]

Kris Tompkins Speaks at El Golf Patagonia Store

On July 3rd, the Patagonia El Golf store in Santiago, Chile generously hosted Kris Tompkins, our president and founder, for “Un Futuro Parque Nacional Para Chile,” a presentation on the history and progress of Patagonia Park. The former CEO of Patagonia, Inc., Kris has visited stores around the world, sharing our story with thousands of […]

Maps for Good: An Interview with Founders Marty and Ross

1. So, Marty and Ross, last time we talked to you, you were organizing your expedition to research and create print and interactive maps of the future Patagonia National Park.  How did that trip go? Ross: Our expedition was a big success. We spent three months exploring the park to collect all the content we needed, […]

Pulling Weeds and Removing Fences in Patagonia-the-Place: Patagonia Inc Employees Reflect on Volunteering

The application deadline for 2014-2015 volunteers is around the corner! Apply before June 1 at http://www.conservacionpatagonica.org/makeadifference_v.htm Here in the northeast, spring is finally here. Flowers are blossoming, the birds are back, and we can finally peel off our winter layers and soak up a little sun. Still, even a month after we’ve returned, a part of […]