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4,000 Acres Added to Patagonia Park

At the end of 2016, Conservacion Patagonica was able to secure five adjacent properties to the future Patagonia National Park, expanding the protected area by 7,588.2 acres (3,075.3 hectares). These new acquisitions were made possible by a generous grant from the Arcadia Fund in early 2016. The acquisition of these particular properties have greatly helped […]

Darwin’s Rhea (Ñandu) Conservation Program Opens at Patagonia Park

The Chacabuco Valley, the heart of Patagonia Park, serves as one of the last safe places for some of Chilean Patagonia’s most threatened species. Best known are the park’s huemul deer, which represent 10% of the world’s entire population. The park’s Darwin’s rhea population (also known as Lesser rhea or ñandú), are yet another reason […]

“The Hope of a New Flight” Premieres in Coyhaique

The new documentary “The Hope of a New Flight” premiered September 5th in Coyhaique, Chile at the Augusto Grosse MOP Hall. The documentary chronicles the story of three young Andean condors, which were rescued as chicks, rehabilitated, and released to their native home in Patagonia Park.  With the dramatic landscape of Patagonia Park as the backdrop, the […]

Update: Wildfire Largely Controlled at Patagonia Park

Monday, March 31—After five days of round-the-clock fighting, wildfires in Valle Chacabuco are under control but continue to burn in several forested pockets.  All fast-spreading grassland fires have been contained, including the flames that threatened the park headquarters on Friday night. We are grateful to report that thus far, no one has been injured and […]

Studying Vizcachas: An Interview With Guillermo Sapaj

Q.  How, when, and why did you first come to the future Patagonia National Park? A.  I first came to the future Patagonia NP in January of 2012 as a volunteer. When I heard about the volunteer program, I thought it would be a really nice opportunity to spend time in this beautiful place, to […]

The Andean Condors Have Been Re-Released!

On January 14, over a hundred people gathered here at the future Patagonia National Park to watch three rehabilitated Andean Condors take flight for the first time in their young lives.  The Andean Condor Release project—a collaboration between Conservacion Patagonica, UNORCH, and SAG (Chile’s agricultural and wildlife ministry)—has worked to re-release these enormous birds back […]

Andean Condor Release, Part I: Condors Arrive and Students Visit

One of Earth’s largest birds, with a wingspan up to 10.5 feet, the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is one of Chile’s national symbols, along with the huemul deer.  Much like the huemul, this native of the southern Andes is a threatened species, so, in partnership with SAG (Chile’s agricultural and wildlife authority) and AvesChile, Conservacion […]

New Documentary: Livestock Guardian Dogs of Patagonia

http://youtu.be/NEeXyVDwYKg Cochrane’s own filmmaker Jimmy Valdés Baigorria just finished a new 22-minute documentary on livestock guardian dogs, featuring Conservacion Patagonica’s innovative program. Watch the video! With spectacular footage of the future Patagonia National Park’s wildlife and landscapes, the piece interviews numerous ranchers and small producers in the region who have adopted the use of livestock […]