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Victory Against HidroAysén: Dam Project is Cancelled

June 12, 2014–After years of campaigning, negotiating, and hard work, the threat of the HidroAysén dams has finally been laid to rest. Thanks to a unanimous vote this week by Chile’s Committee of Ministers, the environmental permits for the project were overturned, effectively cancelling the project. After many years, we breathe a sigh of relief […]

Newsflash: Wildfire at Patagonia Park

Friday, March 28, 6pm–Quickly, as it’s all-hands-on-deck here in Valle Chacabuco.  Everyone–landscapers, trail builders, mechanics, lawyers, architects, cooks, pilots, along with help from the Chilean Forest Service and army—is pitching in fighting the worse wildfire in memory, with over 5,000 acres burned in the past 48 hours. All of us here feel deeply grateful and […]

Final countdown begins at the Patagonia National Park Project

As we start to gear up for the summer season, the countdown starts on the Patagonia National Park project.  We’re now just over two years away from the park’s grand opening, slated for January 2015. At that point, we’ll welcome visitors from around the region and the world to a fully-functional park. The ecosystem of this […]

Running Rivers, Soaring Condors and Writing History: July and August News

 PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK PROJECT July and August News The snows had come and gone, and then they came again here at the future Patagonia National Park.  All told, this winter has proved one of the longest and snowiest in recent memory.  The wildlife recovery team has made good use of the weather: to expand the puma research […]

Patagonia National Park Project: March and April News 2012

PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK PROJECT March & April News the Patagonia National Park project, red hillsides of lenga trees and nightly frosts announce that fall is well underway. The puma monitoring program is gearing up for action: fresh snow allows the team to track these elusive cats in order to collar them and gather new data […]

Patagonia National Park project: January and February News

News from the Patagonia National Park project: January and February 2012 After a warm, dry summer, the first notes of fall have arrived at the future Patagonia National Park.  Snows punctuated the nearby peaks of Tamango and Tamanguito last night, and this morning, the children living at the park headquarters gathered for their first day […]

May and June Newsletter from the future Patagonia National Park

  NEWS FROM THE FUTURE PATAGONIA NATIONAL PARK May and June 2011 In the past two months, Chilean Patagonia has made headlines many times, as the campaign to defend its mighty rivers blossomed. Here’s news straight from the heart of this wild region: the future Patagonia National Park. While the battle over the HidroAysen hydroelectric dams […]

March and April Newsletter from the future Patagonia National Park

Straight from Chile’s Chacabuco Valley: news, views, and updates from the Patagonia National Park project. April in Patagonia is one of our favorite times: new snow accumulates by the day on the park’s high peaks, and lenga trees have  turned deep red. In the past two months, we’ve made extensive progress on our trail network, on the first official […]