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Species Profile: Huemul Deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus)

A rare and beautiful sight, the Southern Patagonian huemul deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) is an icon of Patagonia Park and of Chile. A native species, the huemul is Chile’s national animal, found on the country’s coat of arms, alongside the Andean condor. Despite its high level of recognition, the huemul is classified as endangered by the […]

Species Profile: Puma (Puma concolor)

With an expansive range that stretches from the Canadian Yukon to the southern Andes of South America, the puma’s natural habitat range covers more land than any other large mammal in the Western Hemisphere. Considered a very successful species, the puma inhabits a wide range of habitats, from sea level to 4,000 meter mountains, to […]

Species Profile: Pampas Cat/Colocolo (Leopardus colocolo)

From the corner of your eye the pampas cat looks a like regular house cat out for a stroll. Approximately 11-14 inches tall and with brown, grey, or rust colored fur, the pampas’ general size and coloring might not raise any flags. However, look a bit closer and you will notice its especially wide face, […]

Species Profile: Caracara (Caracara plancus)

Medium sized but fierce, the bold caracara birds of Patagonia Park are opportunistic and also kleptoparasitic, stealing prey from other birds like Andean condors or Black-chested buzzard eagles. Sized between 40 and 60cm (16 to 24 inches) long, these birds can be identified by the reddish orange naked skin on their cheeks and throat, white […]

Species Profile: Carpinterito Woodpecker (Veniliornis lignarius)

The carpinterito (Veniliornis lignarius) is one of four woodpeckers that is found in Chile and distributed from Coquimbo to Magallanes. Small in stature compared to the famous black woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus), the carpinterito measures 18-19 cm long and has a slight sexual dimorphism. It is a black bird with white dots and lines, with a […]

Species Profile: Austral Negrito

This little guy, just 12-13 cm in length, goes by many names: Austral Negrito, Patagonian Negrito, Colegial, or Lessonia rufa in scientific terms. They are widely distributed across many South American countries. If you are in Patagonia during the Austral summer, watch out for these guys—you may see them running about on the ground in […]

Species profile: Southern Lapwing

Although the great and immense Patagonia is often associated with silence, some say that silence isn’t complete without the shrill cry of the Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis), a piercing kradeeeeer, kradeeeeer, kradeeeeer. In Spanish, the bird is known as Tero, Teru or Teru-Teru, and it’s found throughout central and southern Chile. During breeding season they […]

Species Profile: Copihue

In a land as varied as Chile, there’s seemingly no end to the variety of flora and fauna. One of the most famous flowers, the Copihue, or Chilean Bellflower (Lapageria rosea), is not only beautiful: it happens to be the national flower of Chile. The Copihue can be found from the central port city of […]