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Volunteer at the Patagonia Park’s Organic Garden

Surrounded by dry Patagonian steppe and hours from the nearest town, Patagonia Park’s remote location and rugged landscape seems an unlikely place to find cherry tomatoes, kale, and fresh mint. Yet when visitors peak their heads into our greenhouses or sit down at the park restaurant, they are met with a bounty of fresh, local […]

Darwin’s Rhea (Ñandu) Conservation Program Opens at Patagonia Park

The Chacabuco Valley, the heart of Patagonia Park, serves as one of the last safe places for some of Chilean Patagonia’s most threatened species. Best known are the park’s huemul deer, which represent 10% of the world’s entire population. The park’s Darwin’s rhea population (also known as Lesser rhea or ñandú), are yet another reason […]

Organic, Healthy, and Beautiful: The Patagonia Park Greenhouses and Gardens

The plates of fresh greens and vegetables served regularly at Patagonia Park’s Restaurant El Rincón Gaucho are often a pleasant surprise to visitors. A seven-hour drive from the regional capital and surrounded by dry Patagonian steppe, the park’s remote location and rugged landscape seems an unlikely place for cherry tomatoes, kale, and fresh mint. Just […]

Pulling Weeds and Removing Fences in Patagonia-the-Place: Patagonia Inc Employees Reflect on Volunteering

The application deadline for 2014-2015 volunteers is around the corner! Apply before June 1 at http://www.conservacionpatagonica.org/makeadifference_v.htm Here in the northeast, spring is finally here. Flowers are blossoming, the birds are back, and we can finally peel off our winter layers and soak up a little sun. Still, even a month after we’ve returned, a part of […]

Visiting Patagonia and its Pumas: Told by Jim Williams, a Puma Expert from Montana

In December, Conservacion Patagonica and Conservation Director Cristian Saucedo hosted Jim Williams, wildlife program manager for Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks, for an educational exchange.  The visit culminated in a highly productive workshop on puma and huemul conservation in Coyhaique, sponsored by SAG (Chile’s wildlife and agricultural authority) and attended by dozens of regional officials. […]

Photographing the Faces of the Future Park: An Interview with Eugenie Frerichs

Photographer Eugenie Frerichs spent a month volunteering at the future Patagonia National Park, taking portraits of our team.  She took a moment out of her next adventure–driving from her hometown of Portland, OR, to Alaska as part of a project documenting the modern wild–to share some reflections on her time in Valle Chacabuco.  See the […]