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Community Engagement

Former gaucho now working in conservation activities

A park thrives when people love and care for it. In building the future Patagonia National Park, Conservacion Patagonica aims to do more than protect land. We see the park playing a key role in the region's economic transition from sheep ranching, a failure economically and ecologically, towards conservation and ecotourism. Meanwhile, through engaging children and other members of the local community, the park will inspire awareness and dedication to conservation.

Since the people living around the future park know the land best and will be its most loyal long-term guardians, we've offered jobs to all former gauchos and developed programs to retrain them as park rangers and conservation workers. We are committed to providing the training and capacity building necessary to allow locals to benefit from jobs within the park. Project biologists work with park rangers to train them in wildlife tracking and animal behavior. English classes for park employees began last season, and were a big hit. Experts from around the world visit the park to oversee biological training programs.

Our school outreach program brings local children into the park to learn about endangered species such as the huemul deer, and the potential community benefits of conservation. Environmental educators with the park project regularly host schoolchildren for nature walks where they learn about native plants and animals, and have the kids assist in hands-on ecological restoration. This type of basic natural history education and active learning is vital to developing broad-based community support for the park effort, as well as inculcating a greater appreciation for Chile's natural heritage.

Bicentennial Celebrations in the park

Cochrane school group visits for a nature hike

We host the annual Huemul Festival and hike, in which our neighbors from the town of Cochrane hike through the Tamango Reserve into Valle Chacabuco. At the end of the challenging and inspirational two-day hike, all participants share an enormous asado to celebrate their accomplishment and celebrate as a community.

Scholarships that we sponsor have allowed more than fifty area students to continue their studies. The hope is that these young adults will return to the region with the skills necessary for contributing to conservation or ecotourist work, and become part of a growing class of professionals who can develop the Aysen region in a way that sustains its wildness and ecological integrity.

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La Ruta de Huemul: The 10th Anniversary
(2/6/15) On the morning of January 30th, over 100 hikers met at the Patagonia Park headquarters to start the annual Ruta de Huemul, a 28 km hike from Patagonia Park through the Tamango Reserve and into the neighboring town of Cochrane.
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Cochrane Outdoor Education Program Hikes Four Days through Aviles Valley
(4/15/14) We’re now starting the second season of an outdoor education program run in partnership with the local high school, Liceo Austral Lord Cochrane.
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Outdoor Education Bridges Cochrane and CP
(4/24/13) We love getting people, young and old, from near and far, out exploring the park—that’s a key reason for creating the future Patagonia National Park.
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Park Hosts First Annual Workshop on Ecotourism
(12/22/12) In November, Conservacion Patagonica hosted our first annual workshop on ecotourism in Chile’s Aysén Region.
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From the Chacabuco Valley to Cochrane: The 7th Annual Ruta de Huemul Hike
(2/16/12) At the beginning of February, over a hundred merry hikers made the two-day trek from Valle Chacabuco, the heart of the Patagonia National Park project, over the hills and through the woods to the town of Cochrane.
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Over 100 Hikers Complete the Ruta de Huemul
(2/3/11) Last weekend (January 28 – 29), Conservacion Patagonica co-sponsored the 6th Annual Ruta de Huemul, a two-day community hike from the headquarters of the future Patagonia National Park to the town of Cochrane.
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Nature Hike with School Group from Cochrane
(1/11/11) Creating new parks saves critical pieces of wilderness, but operating parks takes energy, which may leave an ecological footprint of its own.
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PNP Celebrates Fiestas Patrias!
(9/24/12) Everybody loves a good celebration, and the kids at the future Patagonia National Park’s one-room schoolhouse are no exception!
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Art Contests, Folk Dancing and Poetry: A Celebration of Autumn in Patagonia
(5/6/13) Our corner of Patagonia looks particularly picturesque in autumn, as poplar trees turn golden, lengas turn red, snow dusts the mountains and morning frost decorates the grasses.
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A Wild Education: Back to School at the Future Park
(3/29/12) As the first days of fall arrive, children across Chile pack up their school supplies and return to class.
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